The OBILLSK Shipment Tracking system provides a single web based portal for inputting, tracking and assessing all ILL shipments for a given Interlibrary loan unit regardless of shipper chosen. The OBILLSK Shipment Tracking system can help libraries save thousands of dollars a year in lost book fees. Since 2017, the system has recorded over 1.5 million sending and receiving items.

Top 5 Scanning Insitutions (All Time)
Couriers Used (All Time)
Number of Shipped Packages: 112,551 (2021)
Ryan Litsey, Project Manager
Scott Luker, Lead Developer/Programmer
Weston Mauldin, Developer/Programmer
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Our fair value-based pricing model was designed with sensitivity to library budgets and a working knowledge of return on investment (ROI) in academia.

Bulk discounts: 10% for 10 libraries, 20% for 20 libraries and 30% for 30 or more.

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