The OBILLSK Shipment Tracking system provides a single web based portal for inputting, tracking and assessing all ILL shipments for a given Interlibrary loan unit regardless of shipper chosen. The OBILLSK Shipment Tracking system can help libraries save thousands of dollars a year in lost book fees.


  "We've been participating in the OBILLSK program for over a year. Moving beyond traditional tracking methods, this system traces items every step of the way across a number of shipping services, such as USPS and Fed-Ex. We simply input the shipped item’s intended recipient, shipping label, and reference number into OBILLSK and have immediate access to full tracking information and helpful statistics in one place. We’re thrilled to report that now, when items go missing, we can detect their location or prove their delivery. We're hopeful that over time we'll be able to save significant amounts of money in lost and overdue book charges."
Amie Freeman, Assistant Interlibrary Loan Librarian, University of South Carolina
  "OBILLSK gives us one central place to track all our library shipments. It's been especially useful for our in-state courier shipment tracking, allowing us to quickly scan items in transit totes. The straightforward interface and colorful dashboard make it easy to use -- and fun!"
Cathy Boswell, Library Systems Supervisor, Antioch University


The cost is an annual subscription of $1375.00 for a single library account. Any additional account is an added $150.00 to the subscription fee. We offer discounts for libraries signing up as a group:
  Single Library Membership Groups of 10-19 Libraries Groups of 20-29 Libraries Groups of 30 or More Libraries
Annual Cost $1375.00 $1237.00 each $1100.00 each $996.00 each

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Created By

Ryan Litsey, Project Manager
Scott Luker, Lead Developer/Programmer
Weston Mauldin, Developer/Programmer